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Meet Mrs. Salsa


Hey Guys!


I'm Nicole (she/her) and I am the owner of Salsa Sweets cookies in Northern Virginia. I specialize in creating and designing personalized custom cookies for you and for your special events. Although you may wonder, I just make cookies, and I don’t make salsa. 


How did I get here? 

I have always been the baker in the family. My mom has always been an excellent cook but joked that she couldn’t bake a cookie if her life depended on it. I, on the other hand, was always the one giving cookies a whirl. What’s funny is I have never been considered creative or artsy in any way. No one would have ever guessed that a love of baking and passion for seeing people smile would have led to me to live this amazing, cookie baking dream.


What’s important to me?

Our lives are made up of a string of important and meaningful moments, memories, and events that we create for ourselves and for those that we love and care about. Creating cookies that help you celebrate all those moments is my passion. Thanks for asking me to come along for the ride. 


Sending you Salsa Love, 


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