Cookie Options 

All cookie orders are custom, personal, and hand-crafted. I do not have cookies already pre-made so when I am baking and decorating your order, I am making them fresh and they are just for you. Being invited to be a part of your special event is an honor and so, I ensure that each cookie is full of Salsa Love. 


Together, we can brainstrorm ideas regarding colors, theme, and designs to make the cookies and occasion feel very special, personal, and individualized. I love when you are creative so please tell me as much about the event and recipient as you can. I can easily add someone’s name or age or a well wish. Just ask!


*Please know that I do not do licensed, copyrighted, or character cookies.  This also includes sports team logos as well as logos for colleges and universities. These entities are all extremely strict about using copyrighted imagery as it is illegal. I am no longer doing cookies related to TV shows and/or movies, even if they are cookies that would be "inspired by" designs. As of April 2021, I am no longer making graduation cookies. I am glad to refer you to other local cookiers that would be glad to help you if this is your cookie request. 

Updated pricing is effective as of 1/1/2021




Minis are roughly between 1.5"-2" in size. They are the perfect 1 bite treat. These are great for a kids' party or as an add-on to a large platter. Minimum order is 2 dozen: $42. Each additional dozen: $21.00.


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One dozen: Starting at $48/dozen. This platter contains cookies that are roughly 3-4." They can be the same or a variety of designs. There aren't any minis offered as part of this set.  Pricing is dependent on the complexity of the design. This means that the most basic set with minimal colors and designs would be at the $48/dozen price and than it goes up from there. These come wrapped and heat-sealed for freshness. (The average price for a dozen is $58.)



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Option 1

One dozen: Starting at $50: These are all the same size (roughly 3-4") and are one design per dozen. They are individually wrapped and heat-sealed in a cellophane bag tied with a coordinating ribbon. (Price can go up based upon complexity of design.) 

Option 2

When you don't want to give out large cookies, Salsa minis are the right choice. We can do 2, 3, or 4 minis (you choose) come in a heat-sealed cellophane bag tied with a coordinating ribbon. They absolutely can coordinate with your theme, decor, and colors. Start at $4/bag and price can go up based upon adding additional minis to bag and design complexity. Minimum of 6 bags. 

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Option 3

The benefits of a mini, with the bonus of being able to offer a personalized favor tags.  $3/each. Minimum of 6 cards. 

*All prices are subject to change without notice. Cookies will be subject to VA food sales tax of 2.5%.