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Cookie Options 

All cookie orders are custom, personal, and hand-crafted. I do not have cookies already pre-made so when I am baking and decorating your order, I am making them fresh and they are just for you. Being invited to be a part of your special event is an honor and so, I ensure that each cookie is full of Salsa Love. 

Salsa Sweets ONLY makes mini cookies. They are sweet, personal, and so much fun to enjoy. You get maximum enjoyment in even the smallest bite. 

Salsa Minis


Minis are about 2" in size and huge on delight. They are the ultimate 1 bite treat. These are ideal for any size guest list, when you are enjoying an array of various desserts, or just want to admire (and eat!) something special on your table to enhance your special event. They are absolutely customizable and unique and are literally the cutest dessert out there.


Guaranteed to get the host ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from their guests:


Minimum order: 2 dozen:

2 dozen cookies are $60 

Salsa Cookie Favors

If you are looking for a treat for your guests to take home, these are exactly what you have in mind. They are personal, detailed, unique, and delicious and they will have your guests talking about your event for well, forever.  

You don't need to give out a single large cookie as a reminder that your event was amazing. This option allows you to offer 2, 3, or 4 minis (you choose) in a heat-sealed cellophane bag tied with a coordinating ribbon. They absolutely can coordinate with your theme, decor, and colors. They work for all birthdays, baby showers, and even for your elegant wedding affair. 


Start at $5.50/bag (2 cookies) and price increases based upon adding additional minis to bag and design complexity.


Minimum of 6 bags. 

Salsa Cookie Cards

avocado extra tag.jpg

The benefits of a mini, with the bonus of being able to offer a personalized favor tags. Want a teacher thank you? A way to bring a smile to a friend? An add-on treat to other favors? These do that and so much more. Make it say something clever, loving, or encouraging. These can do it all. Allow a cookie to do the work for you. We can all use a little more of that in our lives these days. 



Minimum of 1 dozen cards. 

About Minis...

Together, we can brainstrorm ideas regarding colors, theme, and designs to make the cookies and occasion feel very special, personal, and individualized. I love when you are creative so please tell me as much about the event and recipient as you can. I can easily add someone’s name or age or a well wish. Even on a mini! Just ask!


*Please know that I do not do licensed, copyrighted, or character cookies.  This also includes sports team logos as well as logos for colleges and universities. These entities are all extremely strict about using copyrighted imagery as it is illegal. I also do not create cookies related to TV shows and/or movies, even if they are cookies that would be "inspired by" designs.


If you are looking for graduation cookies,  I am glad to refer you to other local cookiers that would be thrilled to make them to celebrate your graduate. 

*All prices are subject to change without notice. Cookies will be subject to VA & PWC food sales tax of 6.5%. 

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